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released October 20, 2018


all rights reserved



Thamos Glarus, Switzerland

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Track Name: Lush
Rhyme light Saturday night feels right
Now I’m down for paradise
Lush life live love light your mind
Oh you got to realize
All your days bound by a mend
The now with no end now is your friend
In paradise days go bright
Rhyme light Saturday night feels right
Track Name: Today
Today’s the day I start to get out of distress
I’ve been hanging on too long for someone
To release this mess
Now I realize the more loose I the less
I choose my mind to be obsessed
No more damage no more cheater’s chess
Up, up, up above the haze
Of today’s foolishness

And I see a brighter future waiting for us
Beyond the insight of light inside each one of us
Until that day we’ll be on our way to the top
Chop the bounds of thought
Today’s the day we start to get out of distress
Up, up, up above the haze
Today’s limitless
Track Name: Moon About
No one ever asked me to do you a favor
No one ever wanted me to change my behavior
I’m just the way I am don’t deal with my tricks
When I’m out you better lock your chicks
So guess who I am no tan no man
Ever lit on the secret my whole lifespan
I was dead and didn’t shine so better watch out
If you want no troubles or you’ll moon about
Track Name: Heights
These are 129.972
Beats of poor masses waiting for you
You got nothing to impress me
your sparkle is a cover over your identity

You say you lead me to the heights with your music
But it has no soul within, so I refuse it

I see your veil why do you hide
You got no paint to draw the sky
Too high you wished to climb
To watch upon a lie
Low know now your end is nigh
You’ve been a fool to deny the beats of mind
Track Name: Cosmodance
Crash core cans been take me to the limit
Of my mind blast blown and down to admit it
In a minute you can pour more than ever if you get it
Dive in flash out awake your spirit
For the intergalactic mind trick tactic
Waits for you to turn fantastic
On the world’s top all popped up
A cosmic clash fit heights on flashed pit
Track Name: Free
You have made my light a new
Tomorrow I’ll be waiting for you
Rise into the air
Come to the light
You long to share
The truth inside
Enables us
To bear the lust
From which a conclusion
We have drawn
That I am you
And you are me
In this fusion
We will be free
Track Name: Atlas
How I’d love to see the sun rising above us
How I wish the haze we’re in turned into stardust
All Is bright, we are the light, life

Where do we belong to, Is there a place for us?
What is meant to be, what is lust?
Do we choose or are we chosen by our future?
Track Name: Terradub
Dräck - Wasser
Wurzle - Strasse
Fels - Muure
Blueme und Bluetspuure

Dräck und Wasser quasi es Läbenselexier
sorgt für gnueg Nahrig für Mänsch und Tier
Dräck und Wasser, fasch scho Magie
wänn dr Same en Spross triibt
und dänn speter als Keimblätter us der Erdä stiigt
es isch en erschte chliine Sieg vo dem wod Zuekunft bringt

Pflanze wo all Energie tuet inveschtiere
nur zum die nechschti Generation ds generiere
oder en Himbeeribusch mit Beereli pflanzt er sich fort
zum Biispil es Reh treit ne zumne andre Ort
Dräck und Wasser, au e Kreation
nur mit addiertem Füür i dere Kombination

Das isch dr Terra Dub
Us dr Casa diräkt i diini Stadt
Das isch dr Terra Dub
gang mit üs zum Terra ab

Ursprung allen Ursprungs, dr absoluti Afang
das Sujet liit im Fokus vo mim Gsang
Die einzig Ressource zu üsem Sii
Terra Dub, die Erdä so unändlich massiv

Willkomme Schwöschter Brüeder uf derä Erdä
z Konzept da isch z Läbe und nacher sterbä
Äsche zu Äsche und Staub zu Staub
Mach d Auge uf und bliib nöd blind dumm und taub

Spannend findi wie en Baum tuet grabe
uf dr Suechi nach Wasser gönd die Wurzle ganz tüüf abe
all die Felse wo Jahrtuusig truuf wartet
de nechschti Tag mit Sunnewermi z starte

Jedi Libelle, jedi Facette und jedes Detail
en glänzige Chäfer odr en funkelnde Stei
es isch unghüür schad, e nei
wie viel lüüt chilleds lieber chli dihei
chum mit mir entdeckemer all die Täler
besiedlet vo Mänsche und irne Fälder

Das isch dr Terra Dub
Us dr Casa diräkt i diini Stadt
Das isch dr Terra Dub
gang mit üs zum Terra ab
Track Name: Stardust
I had to unify
Into the wild
You will arise from stardust
As I become an expanding
exploding morning sun
Will contract to an all
Engulfing black hole
Into which you finally
Vanish to be born
Track Name: Sun
You’re still my sun, the one
A melody on my tongue
No day has begun without you
All I want is you my love
My sweet little bird

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